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... The Conner Law Group is a Criminal Defense Firm that practices in Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey

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We are a Criminal Defense Firm that practices in Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The firm was founded by John K. Conner, Esquire in 1995 as the Law Office of John K. Conner. We were initially a general litigation practice, but quickly recognized that it was impossible for us to be everything to everybody. Consequently, we began to focus our practice on that area of the law in which we had the background and training to provide sound and efficient services for our clients. Shortly thereafter, we began to earn a reputation as a successful criminal defense firm. In 2007, the Law Office of John K. Conner incorporated and became The Conner Law Group, LLC.


Over the past 20 years, we have developed extensive trial experience in Municipal Courts and Common Pleas Courts throughout Southeaster Pennsylvania. We have also represented criminal defendants in the state of New Jersey in both Municipal and Superior Court.


Attorney Conner's experience as a Federal Agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for over 11 years before becoming a defense attorney gives him a unique perspective in analyzing criminal cases. We not only evaluate the evidence against our clients, but we are also trained to critique the police investigation and challenge how the evidence was obtained.


At The Conner Law Group, we aggressively fight for our clients! We take the time to listen to our clients, understand the complex circumstances surrounding their legal problems and work hard to resolve their legal issues. The Conner Law Group is committed to fight for equality of treatment within the criminal justice system for all defendants. Therefore, we offer affordable fees and payment plans for our legal services.


In addition to our trial advocacy, we are involved in civic and community activities. We have partnered with various community organizations to present Criminal Justice Forums that are designed to teach our youth about the Criminal Justice System.


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